Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting my website!

I am fortunate to direct excellent orchestras, great music festivals and guest conduct both in America and abroad.

My hope is that this site will give you much more insight into my work and my lifelong passion for music, so thank you in advance for viewing it. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nick’s Tentative 2017-2018 Schedule

September 9- North Charleston Pops: Bravo Broadway

September 15-23- London Philharmonic at Abbey Road Studios

September 29- Lafayette Symphony Gala


October 21- Lafayette Symphony:  Opening Night


November 4- North Charleston Pops: Great hits of the 60’s and 70’s

November 12- Brevard Philharmonic: World Celebration

November 19- Lafayette Symphony:  We love the 80’s

November 28-Kentucky Wesleyan College Chamber Orchestra


December 9-Springfield Symphony Orchestra: Holiday Extravaganza with the Grinch

December 16-Lafayette Symphony Orchestra: Holiday Pops

January 1-February 4: Charleston, SC

January 27-North Charleston Pops: Kings of Pop-Michael Jackson and Prince


February 9- Lafayette Symphony Orchestra: Symphony on the Go/lollipop concerts

February 16-March 4: Charleston, SC

February 24-North Charleston Pops: That’s Entertainment featuring Kaitlyn Lusk


April 7- Lafayette Symphony: Women of Note

April 9, 15- Kentucky Wesleyan College Wind Ensemble/Chamber Orchestra

April 21- Springfield Symphony Orchestra:  Three Tenors

April 28-North Charleston Pops: Symphonic Sci-fi


May 12- Altoona Symphony: Big Band Blast

May 19- Lafayette Symphony: Brahms First


June 9- Lafayette Symphony: Keller Competition

June 24-Lafayette Symphony: Shades State Park Concert


July 8- Evening Under the Stars Orchestra

Kudos to the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra for their spectacular performance… led by the talented and engaging conductor Nicholas Palmer the orchestra’s brilliant performance pleased and impressed the audience. – Florida Times Union